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Effective Infection Control Solutions

    Microorganisms in our environment  are naturel  part of environment . Microorganisms naturally exist as unvisible in environment.

    Humankind have been using them  to  our benefit  for  many  years , but some other microorganism that named bacteria, fungus, virus cause infection and contamination risk.Hospitals and Health institutions are main place that can be  seen this infection and contamination risks.

    A new infection can be prevented  thanks to disinfection in hospital environments.Available disinfectant and correct  usage  are  very important for environment and instrument disinfection and  protection from  infections

Environment Disinfectant Solution

Product is used with NOCOSPRAY device and spreaded as ''

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-  Akadent  is in VAH/DGHM list -  Extensive microbiologic effect

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Discleen Endo PAA

- Based  peracetic acid , liquid disinfection substance that has

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